RIR to eliminate 9,000 seats

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – Richmond International Raceway is preparing to remove 9,000 seats according to track officials. The renovations will involve the entire Henrico grandstand from Turn 2 to Turn 3.

This is part of a modernization campaign at the facility that began with the removal of the Henrico Tower in Turn 3 in 2013 and also the Turn 3 grandstand. The plans for the backstretch are not yet finalized. Capacity for 2015 was 69,000 — new capacity around 60,000.

RIR had a lot of banners over the seats it is removing and they have been there for several years.

“We’re not moving people from the back stretch to the front stretch just to make the front stretch look better.  It’s about providing the best overall guest experience,” explained RIR spokesperson Aimee Turner.

The spring race in 2008 was the last sell out but track officials say that RIR is not in trouble financially.

This is a developing story. Stay with 8News online and on air for more details.

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