Fliers posted near VCU alerting residents of Peeping Tom

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Virginia Commonwealth University students are still on winter break, but word about a Peeping Tom on the loose has some feeling uneasy.

“It’s a little bit concerning because a lot of the VCU classes that we have are at night, so it’s important to know to be extra aware, walk with a friend be careful,” said VCU doctoral student Brittany Keegan. “But it is concerning, I hope they catch whoever is doing it.”

Keegan said she got wind of a possible Peeping Tom near campus through social media. But Tuesday was the first time she noticed bright pink fliers posted on several doors on her street on Park Avenue where many VCU students live.

Authorities told 8News they did not post the fliers, but they are investigating at least four cases.

Two of the cases involve a reported Peeping Tom on Park Avenue.  In one of those cases, Richmond police tell 8News that a suspect who exposed himself was looking through the victim’s window on December 27th. VCU authorities tell 8News on November 9, a suspect was also looking through a window on Park Avenue.

Richmond authorities said in another case on November 9, a woman on Floyd Avenue reported hearing a loud noise while in the shower and a short while later she noticed what appeared to be an iPhone slipped through her shower curtain.

In another case on West Leigh Street, a woman reported a break-in in her home where the suspect was shining a flashlight in her face.

Authorities believe the cases are not related, and that makes Keegan feel even more uneasy.

“Well then you have multiple people doing it, so I think it’s almost worse if you have more than one person doing this,” she said. “Not that it’s really surprising because people do things like that.”

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