Last season of Downton Abbey previews at Altria Theater

Saturday night the Altria Theater teamed with Downton Abbey fans who came dressed to the nines in early 20th century attire, for the preview of the sixth and final season.

Lucy Klisz has been watching from the very beginning and says, “We’re really sad that it’s the last year that it’s coming on.”

It’s become a huge event to look forward to here in Richmond, ever since season three.

Monica Klisz says, “We love being here. this is our third year coming and it is a great great time. And it’s the best time to watch, in front of a thousand or 2,000 fans, so everyone can oooh and ahhh, scream and yell, hoot and holler at the same time.”

With over 300 Downton Abbey preview parties held throughout country, Richmond is home to the biggest crowd of faithful fans, drawing over 3,000 people.

Katherine Mitchell of Community Idea Stations says, “Richmond really loves British programming, and we have one of the highest per capita viewerships of Downton Abbey in the country.”

8News Anchor Candice Cole caught up with Phyllis Logan, who many know as Mrs. Hughes on the show. She came in as a surprise for fans during the screening. She says there’s plenty to look forward to as the series comes to an end; lot’s of fun and a bit of sadness to be expected.

“We see Lady Edith going through all sorts as she always done, bless her heart, and Lady Mary. And, a lot of the downstairs has their troubles too you know, we hide it very well,” said Logan.

Downton Abbey is the most watched drama on PBS in the station’s history. Along with fans, the cast is also sad to see it all come to an end.

“I’m really sad that it’s finished, but don’t blame me, blame lord julian fellows, no. we were all quite agreed that it was probably time to draw curtain over it whilst people were still wanting more as it were.”, explained Logan.

You can catch the season premiere of Downton Abbey Sunday night at 9 p.m.

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