Kitten dyed blue dropped off at Florida shelter

REDWOOD CITY, CA (WFLA) – A kitten dyed blue, with deep puncture wounds, was dropped off at a shelter in California on Christmas Eve, KGO reported.

The staffers at the shelter called him Smurf. In addition to the coat dyed blue, he also had puncture wounds, some of them very deep. There were about 20 wounds on the kitten who is about 8 weeks old.

“He has a very good prognosis to be a normal cat,” Dr. Julie Desai with Nine Lives Foundation told KGO. “He’s very sweet and very gentle and loves attention. And he’s relatively strong considering what he’s been through.”

Smurf will have surgery next week to fix his wounds. He found a feline friend at the shelter and both kittens will be put up for adoption together, KGO reported.

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