Fans shovel snow out Ralph Wilson Stadium ahead of the Jets vs. Bills game Sunday

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) – Hundreds of volunteers spent their morning shoveling out Ralph Wilson Stadium.  Crews outside the Ralph brought out big machines to shovel out the stadium. But, inside it was volunteers doing the heavy lifting.

Ryan Moore from Williamsville said, “It’s a beautiful Saturday morning, I love the Buffalo Bills, and I like to shovel, so here we go! We’re here!”

Season ticket holders say the first thing they’re going to do once they get into the stadium, is to clear off their seats because they want  to make sure their spot is ready for the big game.

It’s not an easy job for fans to brave the cold and  clear out the seats from top, to bottom. Some were recruited against their will, like Brie Lugo whose boyfriend wanted a piece of the action.

Lugo said, “He turned to me, and said, “You wanna?” And he said, “you better bundle up! I’m 5 pants and 5 jackets deep, so i’m hoping i’ll be alright.”

Shovels in hand, they showed up early, and waited in line for their assignment Lugo said, “I can’t feel my toes, but I’m good, I’m ready.” Crews we spoke with say, the volunteers are a much needed help.

And despite all of the assistance, they still think they’ll be working overnight. Fans say this work early on a Saturday morning is worth it,to make the last home game one to remember.

Volunteers were given a hot lunch and $10 dollars and hour to participate.

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