Virginia’s Year in Review: Part IV

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) —  He was a popular mega church pastor, Geronimo Aguilar now facing decades in prison for sexually assaulting two girls.

“It is ordered by the court that the defendant is sentenced to 40 years,” said Tarrant County District Judge Louis Sturns.

Aguilar faced accusations of sexual encounters with kids in Texas while pastoring a church here in Richmond. After his conviction in Texas, he could be in jail until he’s 85 years old.

In January, Richmond Police Officer William Turner was shot while responding to an emergency call.

Officer Turner was in bad shape leaving his fellow officers, family and friends worried.

But Officer Turner slowly recovered and spoke with 8news.

“It’s just a great feeling to be back. To have some normalcy again,” said Officer Turner.

The suspect in the case pleaded guilty and is due in court next month.

After the deadly church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, there was a major push to limit the prevalence of Confederate flags.

Virginia even decided to recall all license plates with the Confederate flag display.

Some people remain defiant saying they will not return their plates to the DMV.

In October, a well known Richmond activist died from illness.

Activist Alicia Rasin was always there to comfort others during their time of grief.

“She’d been through so much and overcame it, you just always think she would come out of it,” said Zaire Carter Sr., Rasin’s nephew.

An honorary street sign now recognizes her service in Richmond.

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