Couple finds wedding ring inside pants ordered online

NEW YORK, N.Y. (WRIC/ABC) — A New York woman is working to find the owner of a wedding ring that she and her husband discovered in an unusual place.

“When they came yesterday afternoon my husband tried them on and he was just feeling around, reaching around in the pockets and he said, ‘Oh something’s in the pocket,’ and he whipped out a ring,” Jean Vlahopouliotis, of Staten Island, New York, told ABC News. “He said, ‘Look, I found a wedding band in the pocket.’ I thought he was joking.”

Vlahopouliotis bought the the size 38 “7 for All Mankind, Luxe performance” jeans for her husband online on December 14. They were shipped from the Neiman Marcus at Tyson’s Galleria Mall in McLean, Virginia and arrived on December 29.

When he tried them on, he found the ring in one of the pockets. The silver ring is made by Benchmark and has an inscription inside, which is how the couple knows it’s clearly someone’s prized possession.

(Photo courtesy Jean Vlahopouliotis via ABC News)
(Photo courtesy Jean Vlahopouliotis via ABC News)

Vlahopouliotis suspects that someone either tried the jeans on at the store and lost the ring or perhaps it belonged to the person who packed up the pants to be shipped.

“The SKU research indicates that this exact jean was never taken as a return in our store,” Neiman Marcus wrote to ABC News in a statement. “The conclusion that someone tried them on and the ring slipped off seems the most likely. Hopefully publicity will generate a happy reunion of ring and customer.”

“I’m just hoping we find the person,” Vlahopouliotis said. “It’s such a long shot, but crazier things have happened.”

If you are the owner of the ring and can provide an accurate description of the engraving inside the band, you can email Vlahopouliotis at to have it promptly returned.

“Let’s just get it back to the owners,” she said. “Finding something like this is such a rare experience but so exciting. It will make everyone’s New Year pretty happy to have it returned.”

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