Girl creates powerful video message after friend falls victim to cyberbullying

(WRIC) — A high school student from Winchester, Virginia is receiving support from across the nation after she created a powerful video in response to a friend’s cyberbullying experience.

17-year-old Lauren Brocious, a senior in high school, shot her anti-bullying campaign, titled “#labels,” earlier this month after she noticed “mean comments” posted on her friend’s Instagram page, she said.

“My first reaction was that I wanted to comment back and give them what they deserved, but then, I thought that would make no sense stooping down to their level,” Brocious told ABC News. “[Instead], I made the video and I shared it with her [friend].”

In the video, which was also shared to YouTube, Brocious writes negative words on her face in eyeliner, explaining in her voice-over how we should

writes negative words on her face in eyeliner, explaining in her voice-over how we should “stop defining ourselves by other people’s words, instead of our own.”

(Photo: ABC News)
(Photo: ABC News)

By way of explanation, “All the words that I wrote on my face have been said to me in the past,” she said of her own bullying experiences. “I used the eyeliner because we constantly mask ourselves with makeup and try to be something we not. It builds up, and we start to believe what other people say about us.

“All the videos I had seen that were like mine were all negative,” she added. “They never got positive. You shouldn’t end things on a negative note.”

Brocious wraps up the video by writing pleasant words on her face, in hopes of inspiring others to see themselves in a more positive light.

The video has received over 45,000 views since being posted to YouTube Dec. 2.

“I’m humbled, to say the least, but I think within that sense I want it to get more views,” Brocious said. “There are so many more people that need to see it because there are so many teens that are cyberbullied every day.

“I think this is something that is a huge problem globally and if I can make a three-minute video to keep someone from harming themselves, or to bring a smile onto someone’s face, then that’s totally worth it.”

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