Disgruntled Richmond renters ask, ‘where’s our hot water?’

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – Residents at an apartment complex on Richmond’s southside say they have been left with no hot water, with some claiming it has been out for months. To make matters worse, many feel their complaints are falling on deaf ears.

Brandi Wellman got a rude awakening when she moved in at Ashton Square apartments in August 2015.

“I went to take a shower and the water just wouldn’t get hot,” she told 8News reporter Matthew McClellan.

Since then, Wellman said it has been more of the same. She claims she has complained repeatedly to maintenance, and even management, always getting the run-around.

“I have literally destroyed this pot boiling water,” she said, holding it in her hand, “So I can bathe my kids but (management) don’t look at that as an emergency.”

Most recently, she said maintenance told her she could expect the problem to be fixed by mid-February. “That’s going to be my six-month,” she told 8News.

The leasing office confirms there is a problem at Ashton square, stemming from a broken boiler.

In an email, a representative for the company that owns the property said:

As you’ve determined, KRS Holdings, Inc. manages the Ashton Square Apartments. We are committed to offering the very best possible rental residences we can to our tenants and consistently strive to address maintenance issues in as timely a manner as possible. In regards to this situation, we are actively working on the issue and will take the appropriate action at the earliest possible opportunity.

But the company did not answer questions on when the issue began, or when residents will have hot water again.

“My kids getting in the shower, it was terrible,” said a father who rents a unit at Ashton Square,  “They were crying, but they have to shower so lately I’ve been driving to the north side to my mom’s house so at least they can take a warm shower.”

It’s also unclear how many units are affected, but 8News talked to multiple residents, all claiming to have gone without hot water for varying amounts of time ranging from three weeks to five months.

“Thanksgiving Day was really hard,” Shannon Darby said through tears, “because I had to heat water to even clean my chicken, anything. And I had a lot of family in from out of town.”

Laundry, cooking and cleaning all become challenges with only cold water coming from the tap.  Some tenants voiced concerns over health and sanitation.

“I want to come home take a hot shower; I want to wash my clothes in hot water,” said Darby.

Management said they are working to resolve the issue, but for Wellman and others, the repairs may be too little too late.


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