Deadline looming for Verizon & Sprint ‘cramming’ refunds

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — If you had wireless service with Verizon or Sprint any time in the past five years, there could be a refund check with your name on it because those companies engaged in what’s known as ‘cramming.’ That’s the practice of burying charges on your bill for services you didn’t authorize, didn’t want, and didn’t need.

“Talking about charges for horoscopes, celebrity gossip, sports tips, wallpaper for your phone and special ring tones,” said Federal Communications Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel at at State Capitol News Conference.

In an agreement with the federal government, Verizon has agreed to refund a total of $90 million to customers because of the practice that could have added $10 to $15 to your monthly bills.

Sprint has agreed to refund a total of $68 million, but in both cases, you only have days left to file for one.

“Consumers should demand refunds and they are due them as long as they do it by December 31,” said Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.)

From now on, under the federal agreement, Verizon and Sprint must get permission from you before placing charges on your bill and must ensure that you are notified before the charges appear. Also under this agreement; they must provide information to you on how third party charges can be blocked on from your account.

To get the cash you must sign up by December 31st at the following;



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