Warm temps affecting business at Wintergreen

WINTERGREEN, Va. (WRIC) — Ned Mize and his brother Oakley came up to Wintergreen Sunday with their entire family hoping to hit the slopes, but warm temps and soggy weather have caused much of the snow left on the mountain to melt away.

“I’m pretty bummed because we came up here expecting to snowboard like we usually do on Christmas break but it’s 60 degrees, raining, slopes are not good, there’s no snow. It’s a let down,” N. Mize said.

His brother O. Mize added, “I’m extremely surprised. We were skiing on Thanksgiving last year and then we come up here and it’s 65 degrees at the end of December.”

Jay Roberts with Wintergreen Resort says while it’s disappointing, it’s not unusual. He says in the 40 years of operation they’ve been able to open up a little more than a dozen times during Christmas week. Roberts says for those hoping for a white Christmas to ski or snowboard there is some good news

“We have had times where Christmas was really cold and snowy and 100% open and times like this where we sort of have to claw our way into winter,” Roberts said. “We have other options that typically in the winter time we shut down,” said Roberts.

Options like their zipline and archery to go along with indoor tennis, pool and spa. And Roberts says they still expect a great season.

“The good news is winter has a way of sort of balancing out,” said Roberts.

He says a slow start could mean snow well into the end of March. Despite the warm temps, the Mize brothers say they still plan on enjoying their time on the mountain.

“Definitely going to have a good holiday regardless, I mean we’re off from school, I’m a senior so i get to relax a little bit,” O. Mize said.

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