Sec. of Transportation wants Uber dispute with Norfolk airport resolved

NORFOLK, Va. – (WAVY) – Uber drivers from around Hampton Roads are getting the support of a local delegate and the Secretary of Transportation in their ongoing dispute with Norfolk International Airport (ORF).

Airport officials banned the car service last month after the company refused to pay $15,000 in fees and a $2 surcharge on pick-ups and drop-offs. Uber has offered ORF a minimum monthly guarantee of $5,000 in pick-up and drop-off fees in addition to an annual fee of $5,000. In exchange, Uber asks for slightly lower drop-off and pick-up rates for customers.

Secretary of Transportation for Virginia, Aubrey Lane, feels a resolution is realistic. He feels the gap between what both sides want isn’t that big. In a letter to Executive Director of Norfolk International Airport, Wayne Shank, Secretary Lane has requested a meeting with both parties in two weeks if they do not come to an agreement between now and then.

Delegate Glenn Davis of the 84th District also sent a letter to Mr. Shank, stating that he could move forward with legislation if the dispute is not resolved prior to the start of the 2016 General Assembly session.

Del. Davis believes that legislation could be the best bet to ensure Hampton Roads remains open for innovation and open for business.

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