Abandoned pup rescued

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — She’s a cute puppy left behind in a small cat crate near a dumpster in Richmond.  Fortunately some Richmond police officers found the puppy and transported her to Richmond Animal Care & Control shelter on Chamberlayne Avenue.

“Some officers with RPD will pick up dogs and cats like at night when they go on a call and find something, they’re really great that way,” said Christie Chipps Peters, the director of the animal shelter.

Peters believes the puppy is a Labrador, shepherd and hound mix and workers at the shelter have named her Cindy Lou Who from the Dr. Seuss story.

Several people have already applied to adopt the affectionate puppy; if a rightful owner does not claim her she will be adopted out December 16.

Peters said the center tries to give pet owners the benefit of the doubt, for instance someone may have stolen the puppy and then the thieves could have abandoned her.

However, Peters said there is really no excuse for a person to dump a pet.

“No, no, no, no, you can call us,  we have other animal rescue organizations within the city,  Richmond Animal League, Richmond SPCA, wonderful places that will help anyone that needs to relinquish their pets so, so many options to choose one of them,  don’t leave your pet in crate next to a dumpster in the dark in the cold for us to find,” said Peters.

Peters said unfortunately it is not uncommon for people to abandon their pets.  She added the shelter has sixty other puppies and dogs, that are just as cute as Cindy Lou Who, looking for a family to adopt them.

This month the Richmond Animal Care & Control center is running a special; you can adopt a pet for twenty five dollars, that includes up to date shots, spayed and neutered.




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