Children get a chance to ‘Shop with a Cop’ in Raleigh

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — This weekend young kids from Raleigh got to ‘Shop with a Cop’ thanks to the Raleigh Police Department, Target and CPI Security Systems.

Evyn Burt has a long Christmas list. He is one of 30 local kids that got to shop with a cop, Saturday.

“I know what I’m going to get,” Evyn said.

“They are able to go out and go shopping today and enjoy Christmas and get some items that are on their Christmas list,” Raleigh P.D. Detective Leonard Herrington said.

Evyn told WNCN, “this is the definition of fun.”

Each kid got $100 to spend at Target.

“Shopping with Evyn: really up and down the aisles,” Herrington said.

First on the 12-year-old’s list? Shopping for his brother and sister.

Herrington asked Evyn, “think she’ll like it?”

Evyn said excitedly, “yup!”

“I bought it for them, because it’s not all about me, it’s about giving,” Evyn explained.

“If you know Evyn, he’s always thinking about his family, thinking about his friends,” Herrington told WNCN’s Lauren Haviland.

Evyn and Herrington got to know each other well through each aisle at Target. But they also have a past.

Herrington is Evyn’s baseball coach and so much more.

Evyn said, “he’s like fun. I felt like he’s like my father, but he really isn’t.”

“Being out here with him was excellent,” Herrington said. “Today is for you.”

So once Evyn got his family something, he made sure to fill the cart with his own goodies.

Evyn said he doesn’t think he can wait until Christmas Day to play with his new toys.

“Too excited, just forget it and open it,” Evyn said.

But for Evyn and Herrington it’s much more than shopping.

“If we could do this more often, we can give and then they’ll give to us., and we will have a good place in our heart to give to other people,” Evyn said.

Evyn added, “if you don’t believe in Christmas, just come down here and shop with a cop.”

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