Alligator wrestling match interrupts Florida golf game

ENGLEWOOD, Fla. (WFLA) — Two gators engaged in an epic brawl in the middle of a golf course, and it was all caught on camera.

On Saturday, Lynn Sarels was with friends playing a round at the Myakka Pines golf course when they were suddenly interrupted. Nearby, on the fourth hole, two gators were duking it out.

“They were rolling around, biting each other, flipping each other, it was amazing,” said Sarels.

A 12-foot gator, nicknamed “Goliath,” had chased down a smaller, 10-foot gator and the two engaged in an epic battle right in the middle of the fairway.

Witness Kathy Dee said, “I got a little nervous then because I had never seen that before.” She said, “They were rolling around and they were tangling with one another and one was trying to get free.”

Sarels quickly grabbed her camera to capture the melee. The pictures are quickly spreading online. “You can see open mouths with teeth, you can see chomping down,” she said.

The golfers were forced to be patient. “There was some fellas waiting to tee off and, of course, they had to hold up until [the gators] finished their shenanigans,” Dee said.

Spotting gators at Myakka Pines is nothing new. The golf course was built on a swamp so wildlife is abundant. But this was different.

Within ten minutes, the bout was over, and Goliath was the winner. He confidently strode away, while the smaller one limped into a pond. The clash of the titans was finished.

This isn’t Goliath’s first taste of fame. Back in the spring, a picture of Goliath roaming across the golf course became a viral sensation.

The golf course shared the amazing pictures on its Facebook page, and its starting to become viral, with thousands looking at the epic match.

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