‘Baby Buns’ celebrates 6 weeks and gets his first bath

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — We have some celebratory news to share about Kaleb Graves a.k.a. ‘Baby Buns:’ Little Kaleb turned 6 weeks old on Tuesday and received his first bath!

His mom, Dana Griffin-Graves, posted on the family’s Facebook page, “It’s amazing how far we’ve come, yet so far to go. We serve a mighty God, we have incredible Doctors, Nurses and staff, then we have a wonderful supportive family and FB family network. You all let me know what to expect and things to inquire about. Without all of this, We couldn’t make it!”

Mom was able to give Kaleb a sponge bath for the first time. She says, “He loved it as much as I did. I am asking for you to continue to pray for his oxygen and his breathing to improve. He is doing great with feedings 8 ML every 2 hours and he is now 1 lb 9 oz! What a miracle.”

Kaleb was born 17 weeks early and weighed just 13 ounces.

His parents captured the country’s attention after a video of the Dinwiddie couple’s pregnancy announcement went viral.

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