8News Daily Poll: To keep or repeal the Affordable Care Act?

WASHINGTON (MEDIA GENERAL) – Five years after the Affordable Care Act became federal law, the U.S. Senate is on track to pass a major repeal this week, following dozens of previous attempts in the House.

“It’s time to repeal this law and to start moving to the kind of health care reform Americans are actually looking for,” declared Sen. John Thune.

The South Dakota Republican argued on the Senate floor that Americans are drowning in rising health care deductibles and urgently need “an affordable, accountable, patient-focused system.”

To achieve that, Thune and other conservative leaders will give the Affordable Care Act its biggest gut punch to date – an official repeal vote.

Thune expressed a sunny prospect of Republicans and Democrats joining forces to construct a newer, better Obamacare alternative, saying, “I look forward to debating the bill and working with my colleagues to begin building a bridge to a better health care system for hardworking families across the country.”

Don’t bet on it.

President Obama and fellow Democrats will fight tooth and nail to keep the current system in place.

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