Planned Parenthood shooting survivor: ‘He was aiming for my head’

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Ozy Licano was sitting in his car preparing to leave when he says he made eye contact with the alleged Planned Parenthood shooter, 57-year-old Robert Lewis Dear.

He put his car in reverse, and that’s when he says Dear began firing at him inside his car.

Licano described the experience as being “weird” looking into the face of someone like that. He recalled Dear’s expression being “cold and stone-like.”

“Looking directly in my face and he was aiming for my head,” said the 61-year-old Licano. “I could see it in his eyes and then that first bullet went right here and the other. I had a space in my windshield about that wide.”

Licano then drove to the nearby King Soopers to warn others of the situation.

He did suffer minor cuts to his face and is expected to be okay.

Meanwhile, 24 people were evacuated, unharmed, from the Planned Parenthood building while 300 others took shelter in the King Soopers and surrounding businesses.

“When I came out there was an officer that ran over and said, ‘Get back inside. There is an active shooter,’” said Nick Malinksi, who sheltered inside a nearby nail salon. “They really stepped up and made sure everyone stayed inside. They would come in periodically every two hours.”

Kristy Sullivan, who also took shelter in the nail salon, said officers kept coming in and asking if anyone needed medical attention or food.

“They just did a great job keeping us safe,” said Sullivan.

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