A different kind of Thanksgiving bird

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. (WRIC) — A Colonial Heights man gave 8News and a few others a close look at a different kind of Thanksgiving bird on Thursday.

Local bird enthusiast Buddy Waskey, a member of the American Federation of Aviculture, is the proud owner of  macaws, which are long beaked, long tailed birds that resemble parrots.

“I think there’s a better way of keeping pet birds most birds are kept inside, like a macaw is kept in a four by three six foot cage I let my birds get out and fly and I keep them in larger cages,” said Waskey of the American Federation of Aviculture.

Waskey allowed his colorful birds swoop down and fly near and around a group of curious onlookers at an open field in Colonial Heights. One grandmother asked her two grandsons who were seven and eight years old if watching the birds was better than playing on their i-Pads, and the two boys said it was.

Tammy Elder was also very impressed.

“I think they’re absolutely beautiful, wonderful animals,” she said. “Absolutely the best Thanksgiving I could ask for. I’ve been waiting and waiting to meet them.”

Waskey added that many people do not realize how intelligent macaws are.

“Their intelligence is up there with a chimpanzee,” he explained. “We’ve got birds that speak over 100 (words), but some speak over a 1000 words. Contrary to what most people think they can put them in context; they know what they mean.”

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