How to pick the perfect Christmas tree

TOPEKA (KSNT) — It’s a question many are split on: What makes the perfect Christmas tree?

When it comes to picking between a live tree or artificial, both options have pluses and minuses.

If it’s a matter of selection you’re after, the stores can be somewhat limited. Out at HalfDay Creek Christmas Tree Farm, however, there are 30 acres full of trees just waiting to be picked.

Something else to consider: An artificial tree just doesn’t come with that same smell, not to mention the extra cost up front. The convenience is key for many shoppers, though.

“It’s much easier for us,” said Sharon Flint.

“You have a tree that’s ready to go. The lights are built in, you’re not going to have to worry about stringing them on there and you’re going to have it from year-to-year,” said Wendy Webber, General Manager of a Westlake Ace Hardware store in Topeka.

The convenience is nice, but many don’t want to miss out on the fun family experience of picking a tree every year.

“We do it every year,” said Governor Sam Brownback, “and, you know, usually we have to push the kids, particularly when they’re teenagers. ‘Come on, we can do it.’ They don’t want to do it, they get angry, but at the end of it, they’re happy they did it. So it’s a fun activity.”

George Rohrer, owner of HalfDay Creek, explains the real trees really don’t require much extra maintenance.

“They will surprise you at how long they will stay green. Even if you don’t put them in water, they will still stay green for quite a while,” said Rohrer.

With that in mind, whatever your preference, KSNT News has been told now is the best time to buy.

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