Groups release list of 2015’s most dangerous toys

(WRIC) — The annual “Trouble in Toyland” report has been released, listing almost two dozen toys to watch out for this holiday season.

EC68B30B63514F2EB2623DB137C30E46Some toys have been cited for a possible toxic hazard. For example, the Slinky Jr. found at Target contains high levels of chromium, which could cause skin redness and swelling.

Some parents we spoke with say safety is not always top priority when they go shopping for their kids.

56ACEE3AA75547C59CA43811E6A19260“How educational is this toy, is it going to keep my child entertained? So generally, no,” said one parent Jason Lacy.

Eleven toys contain small parts posing a choking hazard. It’s something emergency room doctors often see. Doctors say parents should examine toys for hazards and you can do that with a simple test. Take a toilet paper roll, if the toy fits inside it could pose a choking hazard.

515ECE1D15B941A3BDFE21E44C42CE37“World Against Toys Causing Harm” or watch has put out its list and named dinosaur claws inspired by the movie Jurrasic World as its most dangerous toys. The group says the claws can cause eye and face injuries.

Also on the list, quick-folding trampoline, foam dart gun, and doctor play set.

9F68EFDCFEC442B9A12D67886953F501Some parents say they’re going to do a lot more research before shopping this weekend.

“We really have to look into things before we buy them and consider certain toys that could be a hazard for your child,” said parent Jerome Jackson.

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