Buying a drone? What you need to know

The Federal Government continues to look for new ideas on how to regulate drones.

MEDIA GENERAL (WASHINGTON) – Drones are expected to be one of the best sellers of the holiday season, but before you buy there are some things you need to know about operating unmanned aircraft across the United States.

Drones: You get what you pay for

You can’t fly everywhere


There are certain places where flying a drone outdoors can land you in trouble. Cities like Washington D.C. enforce a no-drone zone over the entire community. Click here to see if you’re allowed to fly where you live. 

The debate is still up in the air

The administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration sits down for an interview on Nov. 18, 2015
The administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration sits down for an interview on Nov. 18, 2015

“Even though it looks like a great big blue sky…it’s actually really congested,” said Michael Huerta, the administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration in an interview over drone regulations. The FAA is expected to have a national database for drones to be registered by the end of 2015. The database is not operational yet and there’s no laws requiring specific registration information. On Monday, an independent panel listed recommendations for accomplishing the registry but they have not been officially adopted. Details here

They can be used for just about anything

Drones can be used by a variety of industries, enthusiasts and public servants. Drones recently have been used to help firefighters with stopping wildfires, by police for helping to find missing children, and by commercial airports to check on the conditions of runways. Even if it’s not for a serious use — drones can capture some spectacular images, like the one below:

There are several different models, options and opportunities when it comes to drones. “Hands down, drones are going to be the biggest ticket item this holiday season,” said Brett Velicovich, the owner of Expert Drones, a national supplier of unmanned aircraft for recreational and professional use. The prices can range from $200-$3,000 plus. You can even buy insurance for your drone.”


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