New historic marker at Pocahontas Middle School has glaring error

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A new historic marker commemorates what is now Pocahontas Middle school for being the first of its kind

The sign that recognizes the school’s place in the fight for desegregation, though, has one big, glaring error.

With fresh dirt still holding the sign in place, the plaque signifies that sight of the first high school in the area to allow African Americans. Halfway down the sign it reads, “Additional support came from the Virigina board of education’s Literary Fund.” But, that’s not how you spell Virginia.

The school principal says the error came from the manufacture who made the sign, not from the school. She says the manufacture is going to take responsibility and fix the sign, but says the significance of this ground should not be lost with the error.

“For the students, many of their grandparents and their parents so they have heard the stories in their homes and now it’s a great reflection when they come back and they are able to share with their kids and grand kids that they attended school here when it was just a high school,” said Dr. Lynn Clayton-Prince, principal at Pocahontas Middle school.

We reached out to the Virginia Department of Historical Resources who is responsible for making the sign but have not heard back.

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