Dinwiddie first responders recall nearly being killed on the job

DINWIDDIE COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — We’re now hearing from the first responders who survived a frightening crash over the weekend.

A Dinwiddie Sheriff’s Deputy and Firefighter were both nearly killed while on the job. Early Sunday morning, a tractor trailer collided with a fire truck parked on Interstate 85 near mile marker 43.

“I just happened to look up just in the nick of time to see this tractor trailer coming toward the back of the fire truck,” recounts Dinwiddie Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Fields. “It’s maybe 10 yards away at the most and I said ‘oh shoot, run.'”

“I ran,” says Dinwiddie firefighter Lamonte Fields. “And the next thing I remember is tripping over something and falling down and just praying that I wasn’t going to get hit.”

Both men can’t believe they are alive to even look at the aftermath of Sunday’s collision. The impact split a 51-thousand pound fire engine in half. But they both escaped with just scrapes and bruises.

“I heard the impact and the rest is just a blur, noise and crumbling metal and just trying to cover up and protect myself,” adds firefighter Fields.

“We’re just very, very fortunate. Very blessed, ” added Deputy Fields.

The driver of the tractor trailer, who was hospitalized, has been charged with reckless driving. Police are still trying to figure out why he didn’t stop.

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