Chesterfield Towne Center employee looking for owner of lost charm bracelet

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va (WRIC) — The search is on for the owner of a special piece of jewelry after employees found a gold charm bracelet inside Chesterfield Towne Center.

For months, David Thomas has been trying to find whoever owns the 14 carat gold bracelet.

“That’s all I want for Christmas–is to put this back on the wrist that it came from,” Thomas said. “I’d jump for joy if somebody came in saying ‘I’m looking for a bracelet,’” said Thomas.

It was left behind inside the dressing rooms at Land’s End where Thomas works. He tried looking through Craiglist and other lost items listings, but found no luck.

The bracelet has six charms on it.

“Has four boys, two girls, first and middle names,” said Thomas. “To me, it shouldn’t sit in a drawer.”

The names are Karen Ann, Kevin Patrick, Matthew Todd, Stanley John, Margaret Mary and Christopher James.

“And on the back of the bracelet, it has each of their dates of birth.”

Thomas says it’s more than just a valuable piece of jewelry. It’s a sentimental tribute and sign of love.

“It’s either going to belong to a mother or grandmother,” said Thomas. “It’s about family. When I see six names and somebody has had that with them as a reminder, and I just take a look at it, I need to put them back together,” said Thomas.

A simple wish that could really make this family’s holiday extra special.

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