Perk You Up: Here’s how that cup of joe affects you

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — All this week, Good Morning Richmond is working to Perk You Up! We’re taking a closer look at coffee. On Thursday, we explored how caffeine affects the body.

Every day, 90 percent of us consume some kind of caffeine. For most of us, that’s coffee.

Do you get a boost when you drink coffee? One of the major benefits is the buzz it provides.

We turned to the University of Richmond’s Wellness Services to learn how that buzz gets going.

When you consume caffeine, it hits your central nervous system, which makes your heart rate increase and alertness spike.

More neurons hit your brain, which makes your pituitary gland think there’s an emergency. In return, it tells your body to start pumping out adrenaline.

That’s why, after guzzling a big cup of coffee, you might feel excited, your heart beating fast and your muscles tightening.

That feeling can be addictive. Remember, caffeine is a drug. Its affects are way milder, but it still uses the same pathways in the brain as cocaine and heroin.

When some of us don’t have it in our system, withdrawal can set in, making us tired, depressed and suffer from pounding headaches.

UR Well says the best way to counter withdrawal symptoms is with exercise and sleep.

To view more from UR Well, see their fact sheet on caffeine HERE.

Tune into Good Morning Richmond all this week for more helpful hints and information about your cup of joe.


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