Home savings: Adjust the water heater and insulate your pipes

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Winter is drawing nearer and many of us will be flipping the switch to turn on that home heating system. Here are some ways you can alter your home in order to save some cash on energy bills.

Water heaters in our home easily drain our energy budget if they’re not properly insulated.

“Insulating hot water pipes is another great way to save energy,” says Susan Hill with the Richmond Region Energy Alliance. “Every foot of pipe wrap saves you about $2.50 a year.”

Also, check the setting on your water heater. The temperature at which it is set at will save you money on your energy bill. The recommended setting is 120 degrees.

As for your thermostat, Hill says, “the recommended setting is 68 degrees, so if you can handle dropping it back a little bit, putting on a sweater, it can really save you a significant amount of money.”

Are you familiar with the emergency heat setting on your thermostat? That setting is necessary when temperatures dip below freezing outside. It also turns on your backup heat if you bump it up more than two degrees at a time — and that gets expensive.

Tune into Good Morning Richmond all this week to discover other hidden ways to save money on energy bills this coming winter.

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