Home savings: Unplug unused appliances, change those lightbulbs

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — This week, Meteorologist Tim Pandajis is showing us how to save money on your energy bills. He tags along on an energy audit at an 8News viewer’s home.

Susan Hill from Richmond Region Energy Alliance tells 8News that you can save tons of money by just switching out light bulbs.

“Switching over to efficient lighting like CFL’s or LED’s will save you a lot of money. They use about one fifth of the energy of old light bulbs.”

But just how much could you save on energy bills by changing light bulbs?

“Well, every light bulb you change saves about six or seven dollars a year,” Hill says. “So add that up.”

There are several other tiny changes you can make throughout your home to save you money on that energy bill, including unplugging appliances that aren’t in use.

“Even when things are off but plugged in they are still drawing power,” Hill says. “It’s really important to go around your house, that little light on the coffee maker, that’s a draw on energy. The standby charge accounts for as much as ten to fifteen percent of our power bill.”

Refrigerators are the biggest energy-consuming appliances in a house. A lot are set around 34 to 35 degrees, which could be costing an extra $15 a year.

Tune into Good Morning Richmond all week to discover other hidden ways to save money on energy bills this coming winter.

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