Navy mom surprised five-year-old’s birthday as Ninja Turtle

Being in the Navy, Builder Petty Officer Second Class Tiffany Monroe has to make the most of her time off. The mother of four did just that Saturday.

Monroe traveled back to Goose Creek from Dubai to surprise her five-year-old son at bowling alley birthday party. It’s fair to say they weren’t expecting her or her to be dressed like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Donning the costume of her five-year-old son’s favorite character, Leonardo, Monroe strolled into the bowling alley and sang happy birthday to Scottie in disguise.Once the singing finished, Monroe took off her mask and her children descended on her – except for the birthday boy. 5-year-old Scottie dropped to his knees and began crying.

“We wanted to do something big and she’s missed all their birthdays and all their promotions so we figured she’d come into the tail end and make a big bang,” said Michelle Scott, Monroe’s mother who organized the surprise.

“Face time and everything else didn’t do it justice so it was definitely worth the trip,” said Monroe. “Is this your best birthday ever?” She asked five-year-old Scottie. “Yes,” he said with a smile.

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