Kansas toddler’s heart will give another child life

WICHITA, Kan. (KSN) – The heart of a 17-month-old toddler who police say was taken off life support soon will be beating in the chest of another child.

At 17-month-old, Grace Harris was taken to a Wichita hospital in critical condition.  Police say she was allegedly beaten by her mother’s boyfriend while her mom was at work.  Wichita police confirmed she was taken off life support on Saturday.

The boyfriend, Michael Cornilius Ross, was arrested shortly after the child was admitted to a Wichita hospital.  Now, he is facing additional charges, police say.

KSN talked to family members who are remembering the toddler.

It’s an unimaginable reality family members are facing –  the loss of 17-month-old Grace.

Family members say she brought so much love into their lives.  But now, in her passing, her heart will help another child live.

“Gracie is a little hero,” said her grandmother, Rosie Sims. “In her passing she’s giving life to others.”

A tragic loss for one family will give life to another.

“We already know where her heart’s going. It’s going to an 8 month old little boy,” Sims said.

It’s a tough time for Grace’s family members like Sims, the adopted grandmother of the toddler.

“So you know, when her little heart starts beating in his chest, he’s going to know, he’s going to know love,” said SIms. “He’s going to know love like no one has ever known love before.”

While Grace’s heart will help another child, the precious times Rosie spent babysitting Grace us time she says she’ll miss the most.

“When I’m sitting here by myself I’d hear her little voice go, “grrr, grrr, grr” because she would always growl at you. “grrr grrr grr.”  But I turn around and she’s not there.

But the one who she says is impacted the most is Grace’s mother.

“She’s holding up. She’s a strong person,” said Sims.  “But after this is over and all said and done, she’s going to need someone there to pick up the pieces.”

While Grace’s mother didn’t want to speak for obvious reasons, her family wants to remember Grace

“Just know that this baby, she was special,” Sims said. “She brought love into so many people’s hearts.”

To view the family’s GoFundMe site, click here.

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