The Hack With That: Testing batteries, using aluminum foil for laundry and helpful kitchen hints

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — This week on Good Morning Richmond, we’re taking a look at different hacks to help you in everyday life.

Everyone has batteries in their home and the only way to test if they are full of energy or completely empty is with a voltmeter. Or, you can put them in your device to see if they actually work. But a simple test at home and a hack for your batteries is called the drop test. Notice the difference when an empty battery and full battery drop. An empty battery will drop and fall over, a full battery will drop and stay. Watch Meteorologist Tim Pandajis try this test in the video above.

Aluminum foil serves multiple purposes other than covering up your leftovers as you place them in the fridge. How about using it for the laundry? Just roll it up to get rid of that static cling, open up your drier and throw it on in.

Another unconventional use for aluminum foil in the home: If you have a pair of dull scissors laying around and you want to sharpen them up, all you have to do is cut some tin foil and that will sharpen things up for you.

A lot of us like to hard boil our eggs. The tough part is getting the egg shells to come off cleanly after they’re boiled. Well, a hack for that is using pure baking soda. Use one teaspoon, put it in the water before it boils, add your eggs and let them become hard boiled. Easy peel success!

Let’s say you’re cooking breakfast and you want to scramble a few eggs — but you want to be healthy about it and take out the egg yolk. A simple way to do that: Use a water bottle to suck the egg yolk right out of the pan.

The holidays are approaching, which means baking! A lot of folks use brown sugar in their recipes and the issue with that is it tends to clump if you leave it exposed to the air too long. A simple hack for that? Use marshmallows. Throw a few marshmallows in the package of brown sugar that will absorb any of the moisture and keep it from clumping.

Watch Good Morning Richmond all this week to learn about more life hacks from Meteorologist Tim Pandajis.

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