See panda cub Bei Bei take his ‘adorably wobbly’ first steps

They grow up so fast! The Smithsonian National Zoo’s panda cub Bei Bei is no exception.

The young cub was born on August 22 and took his first steps this week.

According to a YouTube video posted by the zoo, the adorable Giant Panda cub took a couple of shaky first steps on Nov. 9 around 4:50 p.m.

“One small step for panda…one adorably wobbly moment for all of us!” reads the post.

The zoo’s 24-hour panda cam captured the precious moment between mother and son. Momma Mei Xiang kept an eye on her cub as he worked on learning the basics of walking. When Bei Bei tumbles over, you can see mom wrap him up in a giant bear hug.

Now that Bei Bei is on the move, he’ll be able to wander around and eventually even leave the den to explore his indoor enclosure, the zoo said.

The little guy weighed 9.6 pounds on Oct. 30. The zoo has been chronicling Bei Bei’s growth on social media with adorable videos of the cub sneezing and snuggling with his mom.

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