‘E-Sisters’ Head Back to Capitol Hill

"E-Sisters" are banding together to raise serious concerns about Essure

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — More women are back on Capitol Hill today, pressing lawmakers to pull the controversial birth control device Essure from the market.

More than six months ago, 8News Investigator Kerri O’Brien first exposed women in our area raising serious concerns about Essure.

Today, women from all over the country, calling themselves “E-Sisters,” are banding together to keep the heat on lawmakers.

They were walking the halls of the Capitol last week talking with Democrats, today they met with Republicans and more E-Sisters will head to Washington next week.

They’re urging lawmakers to support the E-Free Act. It is a bill that if approved would pull Essure from the market.

The nickle coil device which inserted into the fallopian tubes to prevent pregnancy is supposed to be less invasive than having one’s tubes tied but thousands of women have told the FDA it is making them ill.

Kathyrn Frederickson a former Essure patient says,  “Within 24 hours, I was violently ill, nauseated, vomiting severe pain, severe bleeding, severe cramping.”

Kim Myers another Essure patient is frustrated with the makers of the the device Bayer and the FDA which approved the device.

Myers says “I’ve never felt discriminated against until now. I don’t feel like were taken seriously.”

Bayer seems confident their product isn’t going anywhere, in a statement the manufacturer says, “It is critical that the science-based data- driven regulatory process already in place at the FDA- and not politics -guides the path forward.”

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