Va. Flaggers outraged, call weekend art exhibit at Confederate Memorial Chapel disrespectful

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A group that honors confederate soldiers is not thrilled about an upcoming art festival, and plans to protest this weekend.

The exhibit is called ‘InLight,’ and each year it’s held at a different location. This year, it will be held at the Confederate Memorial Chapel at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Virginia Flaggers, a group that honors Confederate soldiers and their battle flag, is not thrilled about the idea.

“It’s a spit in the face of those veterans and the people who honor those veterans,” said Barry Isenhour with Virginia Flaggers. “What is historical about this? Please, what in the hell is historical about this? And why would put all kinds of speakers all over a chapel? Especially one that is in frail condition to begin with.”

Isenhour doesn’t like the idea of a festive art show being planned at the confederate chapel.

“Let me ask you something, honestly, if you have any kind of sacred place, particularly a place where fallen veterans had their last rites given to them, would want anybody under any circumstances to go in that facility and disrespect it anyway?” Isenhour questioned.

The VMFA released a lengthy statement, part of which reads, “historically, churches and chapels have been spaces for the celebration and display of great works of art.” The statement goes on to say the display will not be whimsical in nature.

“It is our hope that this interpretive work of art will present the Confederate Memorial Chapel in a new perspective, with sensitivity and respect,” the statement reads.

Isenhour, though, isn’t buying it. He says Virginia Flaggers will hold a candelight vigil near the chapel during the art exhibit.


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