The Hack With That: Getting your car’s remote to work from a distance

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — This week on Good Morning Richmond, we’re taking a look at different life hacks to help you in everyday life.

If you’re standing in a parking lot and you’re just out of range for your vehicle’s remote to either unlock it or remote to start it, what do you do? You can’t find the car in a sea of vehicles and now you’re up a creek. What you can do: Hold the remote under your chin and open your mouth. It should work! The fluids in our head actually act as a better conductor to help the signal travel farther.

Does your car continuously have an unpleasant smell to it and air fresheners just don’t seem to be doing the trick? Well, guess what, there’s a hack with that. Go out to the store and buy yourself a pack of fabric softener sheets, open the box, throw it in the trunk and it will take care of all those funky smells.

Watch Good Morning Richmond all this week to learn about more life hacks from Meteorologist Tim Pandajis.

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