Is intense workout safe while you’re pregnant?

(WRIC) — Many people struggle in the gym to pull off weightlifting, handstands and pull-ups. But one woman is doing it fearlessly, and she’s seven months pregnant.

Rebecca Brown insists Crossfit isn’t a hobby, but rather her life. The 35-year-old performs Olympic lifts and kipping pull-ups as part of her routine as a Crossfit trainer and competitor.

“You can hear it gets my cardio,” Brown explains.

Brown is expecting her first baby in six weeks and she doesn’t plan to stop her intense workouts until she is in labor.

“I still feel just as strong. The biggest difference is just my cardio,” she says.

Brown has been a Crossit fanatic for five years, but are moves like this OK for her and her baby?

“Pregnant women are a little more injury prone with especially weight lifting,” says Dr. Kristin Daniel.

Dr. Daniel adds that lifting weights while pregnant isn’t so much of a concern for the baby but more for the mom to be.

“The greatest danger here with weight lifting is not to the baby,” adds Dr. Daniel, “It’s that she might injure her hips, her knees, her lower back.”

The doctor insists Crossfit could even help Brown deliver.

“Hopefully, it will help me pop the baby out,” Brown said.

She jokes her Crossfit life may just make her little man a strong man.

“He’s almost here,” she said. “Hopefully he’s going to pop out with some muscles.”

As far as the nay sayers, Brown shuts them out and instead listens to her body. As always, you should consult your doctor before starting any type of exercise routine.

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