Motorcyclists deliver teddy bears to kids at Children’s Hospital at VCU

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Hundreds of bikers and volunteers came out to the 33rd annual Teddy Bear Run in Richmond Saturday. Kids at the Children’s Hospital at VCU will get those teddy bears.

Members of Blue Knights VA III, made of retired and active law enforcement officers, rode to the Brook Road Campus of Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU to deliver them.

“We had members, Richmond policeman who worked here 33 years ago doing security and realized some of the kids coming here didn’t have anything a toy or anything to help for the pain they were going through,” explained Tommy Edwards, the president of Blue Knights VA III.

Kappa Delta Sorority members help organize the event and take part every year. Kappa Delta Foundation also presented a $25,000 gift to Children’s Hospital Foundation.

“It’s amazing watching people give back,” said Elizabeth Payne. Her son is a patient.

Payne says the Teddy Bear Run is humbling to watch.

“Women and guys on motorcycles coming with a bunch of teddy bears, it’s like two ends of the spectrum. It’s just really neat,” she said.

“We had a member who said years ago ‘Man never stood so tall than when he stooped down to help a child.’ And there’s nothing that feels better than to hand a child or parent a teddy bear or something that will help them feel better,” said Edwards.

In past years they’ve had up to 1,500 bikers take part in the run. Saturday’s rain put a damper on the turnout, but not the goal.

“We brought 1,080 teddy bears!” said Edwards.

“It’s emotional to see how much it means on both sides–the people that are doing it, taking the time on a day like today even with the weather as it is,” said Payne.

“Of course teddy bears make a difference, I love teddy bears,” added Payne.

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