10-year-old to guest conduct Columbus Symphony in Georgia

COLUMBUS, Georgia – The Columbus Symphony will feature an up and coming conductor next week.

He’s been a guest conductor for several symphonies including in LaGrange and Atlanta.

But this young musician is only ten years old.

10-year-old Charlie Kirby will be conducting one of his favorite pieces from John Williams’ “The Imperial March” from Star Wars.

Darth Vader, also known as Charlie Kirby is practicing for his next performance conducting before the Columbus Symphony Orchestra.

According to Charlie, there’s just something about conducting that makes him happy., “I think I just liked being up there conducting, I thought it was pretty fun.”

When the other kids in school were listening to Taylor Swift, Charlie became obsessed with John Williams’ movie scores, like Jaws, Indiana Jones, and Star Wars.

He treasures his autographed picture of him and strives to improve when he conducts his music, “You have to be straight with your hands like this and not like this…floppy.”

His professional career began at the age of five when he dressed as Indiana Jones and conducted the LaGrange Symphony.

He conducted two more times in LaGrange before winning an adult guest conductor contest on Facebook for the Atlanta Symphony.

His mom Kathy says she knew from a young age he loved music,”Beethoven was really his thing. He would go around singing sections of it, he’d hear it again, then he just started conducting.”

His music teacher Clarissa Duncan, “The other day we were doing clapping rhythms and he was helping me with that. He always wants to play the piano all the time.”

Charlie loves to play the piano too – from ear.

This up and coming conductor isn’t even sure if he wants to stay in the profession when he grows up but it sure is fun for now.

The Columbus Symphony’s Family Pops Concert will feature a tribute to John Williams featuring Star Wars to Harry Potter – Charlie’s favorites.

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