New traffic pattern aims to ease congestion around Amazon Fulfillment Center

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Hundreds of residents who live around the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Chesterfield County came out Thursday night to hear directly from the county regarding what they plan to do this year to ease traffic around Amazon.

“The major thing that we are doing is having all Amazon traffic enter and exit from and to the north, and then access 295 in an effort to really keep them off the local residential roads,” said Jesse Smith, Director of Chesterfield Transportation.

But with new entrance and exit patterns for Amazon employees, one of the challenges will be getting the word out.

“We’re also implementing a lot more variable message boards out there to try to direct the Amazon traffic, which may not be familiar with the area, to the site using 295,” said Smith.

The director of transportation also says police will be on hand throughout the holiday season to make sure employees are using the proper routes and hopefully reducing traffic in nearby neighborhoods. Some residents are skeptical of the plan.

“Very disappointed,” said one area resident, John Capps. “It’s not going to solve the issue, no sir that’s not going to solve the issue. Traffic it self it hectic at any given time coming and going.”

Others are pleased with the change, but worry if the new fix will only create a new problem.

“I think they are making an effort to try to alleviate the traffic we have coming through, at the same time I feel like if they are going to redirect all the traffic to 295 that is going to create more of a congestion with people waiting to get on the ramp and entering the highway,” said Dorian Barsamian, who is also a resident in the are.

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