Gecker concedes, Sturtevant wins race for 10th District Senate seat

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Republican Glen Sturtevant won the race for Virginia’s 10th District Senate seat on Tuesday night.

Sturtevant defeated Democrat Dan Gecker, Independent Marleen Durfee and Libertarian Carl Loser for Virginia’s 10th District Senate seat, which encompasses parts of Powhatan and Chesterfield counties as well as parts of Richmond.

In a close race, Sturtevant garnered 49.78 percent (27,665) of the votes to Gecker’s 47.09 percent (26,171).

Around 8 p.m. Tuesday, Gecker was ahead in the race until the results came in for Powhatan County, where there was a strong Republican pull. Gecker received just 22 percent of votes in Powhatan to Sturtevant’s 73 percent.

Sturtevant was greeted by his supporters at the Blue Goat restaurant in Richmond after the results were announced, and 8News was there:

Gecker conceded on Wednesday morning. He released a statement, which reads in full:

I want to congratulate Glen Sturtevant for his win and for a close and hard fought campaign. I believe deeply that the issues we ran on will in time reflect the majority of voters in this area-especially health care, equal access to education and even finding ways to end gun violence.”

Stay with 8News for more Election Day coverage.

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