Is Daylight Saving Time still necessary?

SOUTH HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP) – Daylight saving time began to help farmers out and give them extra daylight for growing crops. But in a world filled with electronic devices, daylight saving time seems to be something we just do because it’s on the calendar.

8News sister station WWLP asked a farmer how daylight saving time affects them, if at all.

“It doesn’t really matter to us one way or the other, I don’t know if it’s pointless but it doesn’t matter to us,” said Steve McCray, owner of McCray’s Farms. “We turn the clocks back and adjust and we do what the cellphone tells us what we need to do.”

Not everyone participates in daylight saving time around the world. Some states even “opt out.” Daylight saving time does not happen everywhere. Here in the U.S., Arizona and Hawaii do not participate in the time change.

Most people that WWLP talked to said they didn’t even feel the change Monday after gaining an extra hour of sleep on Sunday.

“With a child, they don’t understand so he goes to sleep early wakes up at 5:00 and I was up last night three different times,” said Jerika Labonte, from Indian Orchard.

The sun rises earlier, but less daylight works against some people trying to get to extra chores outside.

Daylight saving time begins again in March, where we will then push the clocks ahead and lose the hour we gained.

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