Committee completes study, recommends pay raises for Richmond City Council members

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A committee put together to study whether or not Richmond City Council members deserve a raise has determined that council members are due for a boost.

In a letter sent Monday, the Richmond City Council Compensation Review Advisory Committee said that the compensation of local elected officials in similarly sized cities and nearby counties were reviewed at length. The committee also said that several types of compensation were considered in addition to salary. The committee did not specify an amount for the recommended pay raise in the letter.

The chair of the committee said that state law governing max salaries for council members hasn’t been changed since 1998.

“A simple calculation utilizing the Consumer Price Index (CPI) Urban would result in the state set maximum in 2015 dollars being $36,865,” the letter reads. “The Committee finds that the current compensation is comparable to other jurisdictions because most jurisdictions are also tied to the maximum set by the state.”

Right now, the Richmond City Council president makes $27,000 dollars a year, while council members take home $25,000 annually. The salary is based on population and is set by the state.

The committee recommended that City Council ask the General Assembly to change a law (Section 15.2-1414.6 of the Code of Virginia) so they could increase salary caps set.

“This change would give Richmond City Council the flexibility to increase salary levels, should they choose,” the letter reads.

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