Massachusetts mother finds needle in daughter’s Halloween candy

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP/AP) – We’ve seen multiple reports of tainted Halloween candy popping up across the country.

A Massachusetts mom contacted 8News sister station WWLP after finding a needle in her daughter’s candy bar.

Ennette Figueroa showed WWLP what appeared to be a sewing needle in the candy. She says she found the needle sticking through the wrapping of her daughter’s Crunch candy bar. She wanted a piece of Halloween candy after finishing her dinner.

Although Figueroa said she doesn’t know what house her daughter got it from, she’s shocked.

“She picked the candy and I opened it for her, but I felt that something was wrong with it. I told her give me, give me, give me. That’s when I found there was something wrong with the candy. When I opened it, it was right there. Visible. You could see it. I just can’t believe people. How could they do something like that?”

Police say needle-like objects have also reportedly been found in candy handed out to trick-or-treaters in a Philadelphia suburb.

Authorities are urging parents to check all candy their children are given. People who have leftover candy are also being asked to check it for possible tampering.

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