Candlelight vigil held for Colorado Springs shooting victims

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KXRM) — A light shines amongst the darkness that took the lives of three innocent people Saturday when a gunman opened fire in the streets of downtown Colorado Springs.

“This has to stop, something has to change,” said Eloy Navarro. “I mean it’s just too common. It is horrible what is going on in today’s society.”

A community in shock and at a loss for words came together Sunday night to pay their respects to neighbors they hardly knew.

“It’s weird when you see someone that you occasionally run into here or there and then all of a sudden they’re gone,” said community member Eric Watson. “It really does hit home in a way.”

Home: a place where you would never imagine something like this happening.

“It’s hard to imagine that we aren’t safe walking down our own streets and also kind of wondering, like I don’t understand what happened,” said Jessie Pocock, a vigil organizer.

“You hear about these things on TV practically daily or weekly basis and you see what happens and you go ‘oh wow, poor,’ but when it happens to you, when it happens to your loved one, people you know, your family, that’s when it really hits home and it hurts the most,” said Navarro.

And it did just that for Mr. Navarro and his family, who are now dealing with the loss of a close family member.

But amongst the sorrow, the community support is what is helping him and his family heal.

“It’s amazing to see people that we don’t even know from different neighborhoods from the area to come and pay respects and to mourn at the same time, it’s just amazing,” said Navarro.

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