Pharrell Williams sings at Mother Emanuel

Pharrell Williams made sure parishioners of Emanuel AME church had a specialSunday. The Grammy award-winning singer and producer performed one of his songs “Freedom” to a full congregation as part of a TV special that will air on A&E later this month.

The singer posed for photos with churchgoers and security at the side door before being driven away in a black SUV.

“It was nice, it was a regular church service with see Pharrell,” said Salahdeen Gamble who was in the service when Pharrell also made a donation to Mother Emanuel.

Emanuel AME pastor Norvel Goff was all smiles as he walked down the church’s white steps after the service featuring Pharrell’s “Freedom.” “that’s the message that we all should take around the world,” said Goff. “freedom in God and being able to work together to make our communities better place for all of us.”

People began lining up as early as 7 AM to see Pharrell sing at the church, but some said they already planned on coming for the word. “I feel like mostly everyone was here really for the word,” Barbara Miller, who visited Emanuel AME for the first timeSunday. “The song was nice – how he did – he really performed, but it was a really good service.”

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