Eight-year-old sworn in as honorary state trooper

Photo: Louisiana State Police

Louisiana State Troopers had the honor of welcoming Trooper Thomas Walton to the select ranks of the Louisiana State Police.

“Trooper Thomas” is a brave 8 year old boy who was born with 4 holes in his heart, 1 atrial septal defect and 3 ventricular septal defects. Fortunately, three of the holes closed on their own during the first three years of his life; however, the remaining hole will be operated on soon.

Trooper Thomas began his career day with a tour of the LSP Training Academy where he met with cadets from LSP Cadet Class #94 and viewed LSP vehicles and equipment. Soon after, Trooper Thomas visited with Colonel Edmonson to receive his honorary LSP Commission and enjoy some quality time over breakfast in the cafeteria.

After a hearty breakfast, Trooper Thomas traveled to the Joint Emergency Services Training Center to receive lessons on pursuit driving, firearms proficiency, motorcycle patrol, and LSP K-9 narcotics detection.


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