‘Leggings ain’t pants’: Tennessee woman’s video goes viral

CLEVELAND (WATE) – As the days grow colder, if you do not wear them year around, it’s officially time to pull the leggings out of the closet. According to a Jamie Higdon Randolph, before putting on leggings there are some dos and don’ts.

The Cleveland woman posted a video, touted as a public service announcement to Facebook on October 15, but since then the video has spread like wildfire, with over 13 million views on Facebook and half a million views on YouTube. Randolph said she loves leggings because you can dress them up and dress them down, but she says “some people like to use leggings as britches.”

In the two minute video, Randolph outlines her no-nos on wearing leggings. They include:

  • If you can see underwear, or a tattoo, leggings are too tight and should not be worn.
  • White leggings are a “no-no,” because they’re see-through
  • “Hide your tail.” Randolph recommends wearing a long shirt, dress or tunic to cover up

Randolph said she recorded the video after visiting the store to go shopping for leggings and saw her fellow shoppers revealing too much with their leggings. “You see leggings,” said Randolph, “Most of the time it don’t matter how big you are, as long as you keep your tail end covered. You can be a big old girl. I’m a big girl. I’m a thick girl. I’ve got thick legs. I’ve got thick calves. I’ve got a big ole butt and I’ve got a big ole gut. So, you got to conceal it.”

The mom said her friend asked her to make the video public so he could share it with his friends, then it just went crazy. She says she is no expert, just a legging-loving woman speaking her mind.

“For the most part the feedback has been great,” said Randolph, “but I’ve had some people be like you are fat shaming people, you’re doing this and you’re doing that, but I’m like how you can be a size 12 and be fat shaming anyone!”

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