SPCA: Dogs rescued from South Carolina flooding ready to adopt

RICHMOND, Va (WRIC) – Nearly two dozen dogs are now ready for adoption after a Richmond SPCA team rescued them from South Carolina shelters affected by flooding after Hurricane Joaquin. According to SPCA workers, the animals could not be more excited to go home their new families.

On October 13, a team from SPCA brought back 23 dogs after relentless rains in South Carolina separated pets from their families, overcrowding shelters in affected areas. According to SPCA workers, the relief effort was more than just making more room in South Carolina animal shelters- they said it was a life-saving rescue.

“In order to make space it’s likely these animals would’ve been euthanized if there had not been a way to get them out to safety,” said Robin Starr, chief executive officer.

At the close of its 2015 fiscal year, the Richmond SPCA reports that it has placed 3,646 dogs and cats in adoptive homes, bringing the total lives saved through adoption since becoming no-kill in 2002 to 40,599.

To learn how you can adopt one of these animals click here.


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