Nicer weather tries to push in for Monday; rain comes in on Wednesday

Clouds have lowered and thickened through the overnight ahead of an approaching cold front that will produce scattered showers across the region for your day today. Despite this very cold front pushing southeast and out of our region it will still play a factor in our weather during the middle part of the week.

For Monday an area of high pressure will build on in trying to promote nicer weather but will have a tough time doing so. Clouds part for only so long as the remnant moisture from Patricia tracks along that cold front which will at that point be stalled over the Carolinas. Look for your Monday to bring partly sunny skies and cool temperatures in the lower 60s. By Tuesday those clouds have already rolled back in and showers will be likely by midday becoming heavier and steadier into Wednesday when it will be raining heavy at times.

The storm center will pass to our northwest meaning we will remain in the ‘warm sector’ keeping our temperatures in the upper 60s and lower 70s, you may even notice it feeling a little more humid on Wednesday. The associated cold front blows through here by late Thursday and we turn sharply colder into Friday and the end of the week with highs back in the 50s. Have a great end to your weekend!

For the latest StormTracker forecast click HERE.

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