Police: Students put cleaning solution in soda; staff member taken to hospital

(WBAY) — Police are investigating the alleged poisoning of a staff member at a Gillett, Michigan secondary school.

Two students told investigators they placed cleaning solution into the staff member’s soda bottle as “a prank.”

On Oct. 20, an ambulance and officers responded to a call that a staff member at Gillett Secondary School had been “possibly poisoned,” according to police.

The staff member told police that he bought a bottle of soda to have with his lunch. About one hour later, he left the soda unattended. He said he came back and noticed a “non-typical” odor coming from the bottle. He said he suspected it had been laced with a chemical agent.

The police investigation led officers to a 16-year-old boy and a 17-year-old girl. Officers say they put a small amount of cleaning solution into the soda bottle.

The staff member was treated at a local hospital. Police say no details of his condition will be released.

The incident remains under investigation. Police say they will not release further details as it involves juveniles.

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